Tillage: Where It All Starts

How would you like to spend more time tilling and less time making adjustments? TruSetTM Performance Upgrade Kit is the upgrade to make to your existing tillage equipment! You can make the adjustments on-the-go and from the cab in only seconds! You can also execute directions and document the tillage operation when you upgrade to TruSetTM. You can follow this link for more information on TruSetTM.

John Deere has the largest tillage group in their 180-year history! They have disks, plows, field cultivators, variable-intensity tillage tools and more to let you manage residue, create and ideal seedbed and prepare your fields for a successful growing season. John Deere continues to lead the way for their equipment to be wider, faster, smarter, and more productive. Getting more out of the soil is what they are designed for. John Deere tillage tools are built for every field, every grower, and every season! This Tillage Family Video John Deere has provided gives you a quick idea on how broad their selection is!

The John Deere 2660VT Variable Intensity Tillage tool helps you solve the equation of your fields. The 0- to 12-degree adjustable gang angle lets you size, and pin residue, while leaving a consistent field finish. The John Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk lets you manage residue and cover more acres at 10-14 mph. With the 2680H you can aggressively mix and size residue and leave a consistent field finish in spring or fall.

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