Tips for Winterizing Your Ag Equipment

Protecting your investment in the off season will make for a better on season year after year! Here are a few steps on how to properly store your Ag equipment in the winter months.

  1. Annual Inspections – It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment to get your combine, planter, sprayer, header, and tractor looked over before you put it away for the winter.
  2. Run Winter Fuel – It’s time to switch from #2 diesel to #1 if you are running diesel equipment. Diesel #1 has a lower energy content. This type of diesel doesn’t gel in the cold weather because paraffin has been removed. This keeps the fuel flowing during the cold weather.
  3. Maintain Equipment – Preform general Up-To-Date maintenance on your equipment before storing it away for the winter. Examples: change oil, air up tires, lubricate bearings and joints, clean or replace air filters and check coolant level and condition.
  4. Charge or Disconnect Batteries – There are two options when it comes to your battery. You can keep the batteries as fully charged as possible, which is never a bad idea if you plan to use the equipment periodically in the winter or disconnect the battery. If the battery is on a piece of equipment that you feel like you won’t be using much this winter, then go ahead and disconnect the battery.
  5. Store DEF in Original Container – Do you have diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in a fuel trailer or delivery tote? Your equipment could be exposed to freezing temperatures. DEF freezes in 12* F and expands by 7%. This can do a lot of damage to your pump, plumbing, and tank. It’s best if you remove all the fluid.

Visit your local Martin Tractor dealer today for more info on how to winterize your Ag Equipment or to pickup items for winterizing. And don’t forget, we have our inspection programs going on right now! Go to Farm-2-Shop for more info.