Top Five Lawn Tractor Attachments

Your yard is more than just a place to mow! That’s why your Lawn Tractor should be built to tackle anything and with easy-to-use attachments by John Deere, they will help you enjoy your lawn year-around!

Here at Martin Tractor, we asked our Turf Salesmen what top five Lawn Tractor Attachments they would recommend to their customers.

Zach Jinks, Bloomington: 
1. MulchControl Kit
2. Material Collection System
3. Lawn Sweeper
4. 10P Cart
5. Front Blade for Snow Removal

Jeff Siegrist, Bloomington:
1. Material Collection System
2. MulchControl Kit
3. Front Blades
4. Snowblowers
5. Carts

Jeremy Anderson, Brimfield:
1. MulchControl Kit
2. Material Collection System
3. Yard Cart
4. Lawn Sweeper
5. Striping Groomer Kit

Nick Fox, Galesburg:
1. MulchControl Kit
2. Material Collection Systems
3. Hitches and Light Kits
4. Yard Roller or Cart
5. Front Blades

MulchControl Kit: The electric One-Touch MulchControl allows operators to quickly change between side discharge mowing and mulching with just a push of a button. When you feed your lawn grass clippings, you are giving it essential nutrients the natural way!

Material Collection System: The bagger provides an efficient way to collect grass clippings and leaves. When the grass clippings are thick or thin, bagging quickly picks up debris and keeps the appearance of the yard looking good all year around.

Utility Cart, 10P Poly: These utility carts can be used to haul various materials. Such as firewood, mulch, plants, dirt, and more. This cart will not dent or rust. It has an easy hands-free foot pedal dump release with a steep dump angle.

Front Blades: With the front blade, the lawn tractor can make quick work of moving snow whenever the need arises. The blade has a curved surface to roll rather than push material. This requires less power to increase blade capacity.

Lawn Sweeper: The lawn sweeper is perfect for picking up your grass clippings, trash, or leaves in the fall. It gives excellent brush-to-ground contact to prevent skipping and provides a clear path the first time through! It will fit on any lawn mower with a hitch feature.

Do any of these attachments interest you? Are you thinking you could use one or two or all of them on your property? Contact your local Martin Tractor Sales Team today!