Tractor Buying Tips

John Deere 1023E or 1025R

You've been dreaming about the possibility and now, you are ready to make your dream come true and purchase a compact utility tractor for your property. The question is, which one is the right one for me? Before we get started, let's begin by asking yourself these two questions. What will I use this tractor for now? What could I use this tractor for in the future? The John Deere 1023E and 1025R have many similarities like iMatch hitch capable for 3pt hitch work or drive over mower deck and front-end loader attachments to handle almost any job you need to tackle on your property.

So, what are the big differences in the tractors? The 1023E is an entry level tractor, a little less horsepower and no additional options, but, it can get the job done. The 1025R does have a bigger engine and more horsepower, but, the biggest difference is in and around the operators station. Here is a list of additional benefits you receive when you invest in a 1025R.

  • Standard Cruise Control- You don't have to apply pressure to the hydropedal all the time when making long runs. Set the speed and set the cruise and enjoy the ride. Simply press the hydro pedal to remove the cruise control.
  • Deluxe Seat- You are going to spend some time in the seat, so you should enjoy it. Deluxe ergonomic seat with armrests are standard on the 1025R. 
  • Tilt Steering Wheel-Set the steering wheel just in the right position for you on the 1025R with standard tilt steering wheel.
  • Floor Mat-All the 1025Rs come standard with a heavy-duty rubber floor mat to keep your tractor clean when you're working in the dirt. 
  • Deluxe Lighting Package-Deluxe Lighting is standard with the 1025R and an add-on option on the 1023E. We all can think of times when we wanted to finish that project but ran out of day light...Not anymore. 
  • 12 Volt Power Outlet-Keep your accessories charged or running with a standard 12V accessory outlet on the 1025R.
  • Optional Cab-Only the 1025R can add a field installed cab to offer protection from the elements during winter weather operation.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the John Deere 1025R than one might think when comparing it to the 1023E. Bottom line is you really can't go wrong when buying a John Deere Utility Tractor. Whether you decide on the entry level 1023E or the premium 1025R, you are investing in a tractor that is backed by the best manufacture and dealer network in the industry. If you would be interested, please contact us today and we will be glad to help you make your dream become reality.