Used John Deere Equipment: None the Worse for Wear

Pre-owned farm machinery from John Deere may be the best all-around bargain available, especially if your budget is tight, but you're a stickler for quality and performance. It's a bit like winning big on a scratch-off ticket.
It's a great feeling!

Martin has a broad and extensive inventory of high-quality pre-owned equipment, some of it gently used and under warranty; other models are well-loved and still functioning well, with a lot of life left. It all depends on your needs, but we'll do our best to match you to the equipment you'll take pride in.

We've been serving clients at our 13 locations in Illinois for 90 years, and are an official John Deere distributor as well as an authorized service representative. Our sales reps and technicians speak from experience.
Contact us to discuss what we can do together to make your decisions easier and to set you on the path to John Deere ownership. We'll be happy to welcome you into our family!