Winter Service Specials Happening Now!

Routine maintenance is important for your riding mowers, garden tractors, zero turn mowers, compact tractors, utility vehicles, etc.! Now though February 29, 2020 we have Winter Service Specials that you do not want to miss out on!

Why should you bring in your equipment now instead of later? In this short video, Melony Duncan, Bloomington Service Manager, and Travis Shaffer, Bloomington Parts and Service Assistant, will tell you why!

Zach Jinks, Salesman in Bloomington, also recommends bringing in your equipment now instead of later:

“By scheduling your appointment during the cold months, you’re skipping out when most people bring their equipment in, usually when there is a problem, which is always in the middle of the season. Wait times can jump to 3-4 weeks in the busy season. Scheduling ahead of the season lets you skip that wait.”

Also, you want to get your turf equipment winterized correctly and properly before the cold hits, especially if you don’t use your turf equipment through the winter months.

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