Winter: Your Compact Utility Tractor Has it Covered

Do you have a Compact Utility Tractor? Are you wanting to get the most out of it this winter? Compact utility tractors offer great flexibility in the winter by removing snow, salting driveways, getting things unstuck (oops!), hauling firewood, hauling feed for animals, moving hay, and much more.

Your compact utility tractor can hook up to a few different attachments to make moving snow easier!

•Pusher – The pusher is one of the easiest ways to remove snow. It is a large box that captures the snow as you push it forward. With the pusher you have the option of steel or rubber composite scraper edge. The snow pusher is easy to operate around buildings, fences, and even them hard-to-reach areas.
•Blades –
Front and rear-mount blades are easy to use, and some are even versatile enough to serve a dual purpose in the months when snow isn’t around. Blades are a good option to use for small snow removal. The curved blade edges roll the snow off rather than pushing it, this helps with moving snow.
Snowblowers are the ultimate snow removal for compact tractors with both front and rear mounts. The two-stage hydraulic blowers throw snow up to 45 feet. High-volume models make it easy for you to work faster.
•Loader Bucket –
Works for many different things year around and during the winter you can use it to plow snow. Few things to remember when plowing snow with your loader: 1. When scooping it up and dumping, the snow will get packed in the loader and you will have to raise the bucket and shake it to where the snow falls out, then put it back level to the ground and start plowing again. 2. When scraping on the bottom of surfaces be careful because your bucket will catch on uneven areas and cause damage.

Before winter hits, check your tires to make sure they have enough tread. This is always a good idea because it doesn’t matter how powerful your tractor is, if your tractor can’t get a grip, you won't be moving. Adding on some tire chains will help the grip of driving in the snow.

Stop by your local Martin Tractor dealership and talk to our Sales team about making your compact utility tractor the tractor made for winter.