Precision Farming Just Got Easier

ICYMI (in case you missed it), John Deere came out with an XUV that is AutoTrac™ ready! What used to be done in your tractor can now be done with a full-size John Deere XUV – mapping boundaries, setting A-B lines, flagging obstacles, and more. The AutoTrac™ ready Gator XUVs are factory equipped for hands-free, plug-and-play-automation.

And you know that these full-sized John Deere Gators can do more than just mapping boundaries – tow and haul, work and play. With up to a 1,500-lb of payload capacity and up to 4,000-lb of towing capacity, you can get a lot of work done around your land. Also, there’s plenty of horsepower and speed to go around. How about 11 inches of ground clearance to keep your XUV moving through tough jobs and even tougher terrain? Now that sounds like a workhorse to me.

Don’t forget to add some attachments! You can pick from lighting, protection, blades, storage, sprayers & pressure washers, carts and more.

Contact your Salesman today for the AutoTrac™ ready option!