Which Farming Equipment is Right for You?

There’s plenty to consider when you’re choosing the right sprayer or nutrient applicator for your field. You want to make sure you’re getting nutrients to your crops, managing weeds, working effectively, and not having to spend hours combing through to ensure all plants have the materials they need to grow. Our products are designed to help you spend less time covering more acres. We have a selection of fertilizer applicators and John Deere sprayers for sale to meet the needs of your operation. We carry:

  • Floaters - Floaters are typically larger than sprayers and are capable of working in all types of terrain. They’re made with durable materials and precision technology to handle rough field conditions without wasting product. You can also switch between granular application and liquid, showcasing how versatile this machine could be for your acres.
  • Dry Spreaders - Designed for multiple seasons, you can spread out multiple products simultaneously at different (or the same) rates. You’ll find this extremely helpful in reducing time, compaction, and fuel on your farm. We offer several models, which means you can find the right visibility and spread width to help you tailor your product to your operational goals.
  • Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayer - Operate effectively, regardless of soil condition or crop height, thanks to the revolutionary power of our Hagie self-propelled sprayers. During the spraying season, you’ll be able to experience more maneuverability and seamless weight distribution to take advantage of time on the farm.
  • John Deere Self-Propelled Sprayer - If you’re looking for a John Deere sprayer for sale, we carry a selection that can keep you comfortable and cover a large amount of land more consistently. Whether it's pre or post emergence in corn or soybeans, you can experience stability even with increased speed.

There are a ton of different solutions for pre-planting, post-harvest, and in-season needs, which means it’s important to read through the specs on all our farming equipment to learn what you need. We even offer high-quality used ag application equipment to help you find the right solution. Once you narrow down your options, chat with our financing team to discuss our flexible equipment loans or available application equipment leasing options.

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Repair & Maintain Your Sprayers & Nutrient Applicators

It’s important to have your farming equipment prepared for the season. We have certified John Deere professionals that can assist you with repairs to ensure your sprayers and fertilizers are ready for whatever the season brings. We have several locations throughout Illinois, but we also offer mobile repair options where our certified experts will come to you. Whether you’re looking for routine ag application equipment service or emergency repairs, we’re ready to help. We carry a large stock of farming equipment parts to help ensure repairs are done in a quick and timely manner. Schedule an appointment with our team to learn what we can do for you.

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