John Deere Planters and Seeders

These planters are the cutting-edge technology you’ll need to get higher yields and quality product. Using a planter or seeder means less wasted seed, and you can control the distance and depth of the seeds to protect them from birds or dryness. We guarantee you’ll get a higher yield with a seed drill or planter.

  • Planters are better for larger seeds and because of the hydraulic system, space the seeds evenly along the row. It can also sow seeds along hills. A planter is usually more efficient than a seed drill, with the ability to plant up to 48 rows at once.
  • Seed drills work well with smaller seeds. They disperse seeds along the row and ensure proper seed-to-soil contact.

All models come with the most advanced technology available, including real-time monitoring, self-adjusting equipment, and more. You’ll be able to spot problems before they occur, saving time and money.

We also offer financing options through John Deere Financial Services. You’ll be able to get the equipment you need at a manageable monthly price. Fill out our online application to get started.

John Deere Support and Service at Martin Tractor

We’re proud to be your trusted full-service John Deere dealership in the Central and Western Illinois area. We know you expect more from your John Deere equipment, which is why we prioritize world-class service, speedy repairs, and expert advice. We have everything you need to make your ag business as successful as it can be. Whether you need replacement John Deere planter parts, a repair under warranty, or want to learn more about how innovative technology can make a difference, we’ll be here to help. Give us a call today.