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Types of Field Cultivators at Martin Tractor

The right equipment depends on things like the size of your field, the horsepower of your tractor, and other factors. Here are some of the types of John Deere cultivators we have at Martin Tractor:

  • 2230FH: Floating Hitch field cultivator. This model follows the contour of the ground and works independently of the tractor. Better for hills.
  • 2230LL: Level-Lift field cultivator. Follows the tractor. The front may lift out of the ground when the tractor reaches an incline, allowing the rear of the implement to dig deeper. Better for flat terrains.
  • 2330: Mulch Finisher: Can cut residue and size up to 80% of it. Mixes, slices, and conditions the soil so that it’s ready for planting.

These machines feature one of John Deere’s most innovative and time-saving technology: John Deere TruSet. This feature uses sensors that will automatically adjust the depth of your machine to ensure consistent tilling every time. No guessing required.

If you’re not sure which type of equipment is going to fit your needs, we can help. We’re your local experts with decades of experience in the farming and agriculture industry in Central and Western Illinois.

Call or stop by your nearest Martin Tractor location today to see these machines in person and find the one that’s right for your business.