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Honda Generators for Sale in Central and Western Illinois

These generators offer portable power for many types of situations, like a tailgate, camping, power outage, or even if you’re working in construction. A generator is an investment that you’ll be able to get a lot of usage from in years to come. Honda generators are some of the top-quality generators out there.

Honda Generator Features:

  • Safety systems: Carbon monoxide detectors shut the machine off when levels rise.
  • Convenience: Control the generator from wherever you are with Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Quiet: Steady and continuous power without the noise.
  • Fuel efficiency: Save money and get longer run times with a Honda generator.

What are the Different Types of Generators?

EB models: Great for industrial purposes. Up to 10,000 watts. For the ultimate power, choose an EB generator. These have the highest wattage and rugged reliability for any job site.

EG models: Economy generators with multiple features at an excellent price point. Great for a variety of needs like powering your home, your RV, or construction equipment. Up to 6,500 watts, depending on the model you select.

EM models: The deluxe generators. Up to 6,500 watts. Offers enhanced functions for powering your home or job site. Great for when the power goes out at home.

How Big Of A Generator Do I Need To Run A House?

Pick a generator that has between 5,000 and 7,500 watts to fully power your house. Of course, this depends on the size of your house and the energy usage. Smaller houses with less energy usage (lights, fridge, HVAC) are fine with the lower end. But if your house is bigger and you have multiple appliances you want to run, choose the larger generator for full power