Tom Conklin

Tom Conklin resides in Elmwood, IL with Martin Tractor Brimfield being his local John Deere dealership. Along with being a business owner, he has been in the area for about 25-30 years of his life.

Tom states he's always been a big fan of the John Deere product, with owning a Gator and a ZTrak zero turn mower. One thing that he loves about the John Deere product, especially, is the local service. When Tom calls Martin Tractor with any questions or concerns, we're on it. With the products he owns, we can come pick them up at his house, service them and get them back home. Tom appreciates the phone call from the service department with the diagnostics and options to fix his equipment.

Dealing with everyone at the dealership has been a wonderful experience for the that 20-30 years. One thing Tom likes about dealing with Martin Tractor is the sales team. His Salesman, Jeremy, does a phenomenal job. Tom can shoot him a quick text and Jeremy always has an answer for him. When he's looking for new products, Jeremy has ideas has then expertise that Tom is looking for instead of the salesman trying to make a sale. It's a special relationship that he does cherish being in their small community and having a local guy like Jeremy.

Dustin Beernink | Augusta Lawn Care

Dustin Beernink owns Augusta Lawn Care in Bloomington, IL and soon to be in Champaign, IL as well. They are mainly residential focus with simple services like mowing, mulching, fall clean up, amongst other services.

His partnership with Martin Tractor started in 2018 when he bought his first brand new mower. He tried out a couple other pieces, but he always ended up back at Martin Tractor. Dustin is very impressed with the brand Exmark. He states that the cut quality and the quality of the machines themselves rarely have any breakdowns. They do keep up on preventative maintenance like oil changes and sharpening the blades multiple times a week. With all of that, Dustin says they will stay with Exmark for a long time.

His Salesman, Jeff, has been great to work with and the whole sales team is very knowledgeable and if they don't know the answer to any question Dustin has, they do their best to get him to the correct person to get that question answered. Dustin says the parts team is good at getting part information and getting parts ordered on a timely manner. The service team does a great job with getting his equipment back up and running so he can continue on serving his customers. He says it's been a good relationship with Martin Tractor and since his business relies on the equipment we offer, he will continue doing business with us in the future.

Mark Rose | Rose Farms 2

3rd generation farmer, Mark Rose with Rose Farms 2, farms just outside of Kewanee, about 2 miles from the Martin Tractor Kewanee dealership. His son, Payton, will be the 4th generation on the family farm. He has been farming for 32 years, along side his brother and son. They raise corn, soybeans, along with a small cattle herd and in total, they farm about 2400 acres.

The family has been customers with Martin Tractor since Mark's Grandpa started farming back in the 40s. Having a good relationship with each department is very important to Mark, and they have just that. Mark says they are very fortunate to be only 3 minutes from the Kewanee store so in a breakdown in the fall, it's really handy to drive the combine or any piece of equipment out to the dealership and the service department does what they can to get them back going that same day. With the Kewanee Service Manager having a farming background, he understands how important it is to get equipment back in the field.

Technology has been evolving on the farm with Payton farming now. They started with the simple autosteer to each piece of equipment being pretty advanced to keep up with the changing technology. Payton really enjoys the newer technology and having a resource like Chris in the Precision Ag department to teach him and answer any questions he may have, which is great service to have here at Martin Tractor.

Tom Jenks | Jenks Family Farms

Tom Jenks of Jenks Family Farms farms in western Illinois in the Monmouth area, along with Macomb and Kewanee with his brother. Today, Jenks Family Farms is 6 generations strong. They have a great crew to help run their family operation day in and day out. Their primary crops are corn and soybeans, along with growing potatoes that they custom farm. With being as spread out as they are, they rely on Martin Tractor locations in their area for parts and service needs.

He says that his Salesman Chris and the Service Manager, Paul at the Monmouth location, are great to work with. He continues on saying that the real nice key is if they're farther from the store that's local to them, we have a store that's in the same area and they coordinate really well. Each department keeps them running, keeps them doing what they need to do.

One thing with being the size of operation that they are and being spread out, Tom continues, the technology that John Deere has through the John Deere Operations Center has been very integral as far as being able to do what they need to do, knowing where things are at, the fuel levels, efficiency levels, amongst other things. He says that Martin Tractor has been great to work with, with getting their whole crew trained on the Operations Center with how to utilize it, understand it, and keep them up-do-date when John Deere as added new features. All of this helps make sure they are being as efficient as possible. Tom is really excited to see where it's going to go in the coming years as technology is one of those aspects for their operation that they will not be able to farm without.