Tim Main

Tim Main operates a farm in Altona in conjunction with his brother and their father. Primary crops are corn and soybeans, he says, and a portion of their operation is devoted to finish pigs. The agriculture and real crop production is extremely seasonal, as he says, and the equipment must be in top condition when they need it. It's not only an expectation, but a requirement. He relies on Martin and the trained service team to make it so.

He says that the parts distribution aspect of the Martin operation is "second to none," adding that the company's ability to network their stores with their computer system is impressive. The idea that trained professionals are able to examine and diagnose needs before something breaks has given Main a comfort level that his machinery will "be able to harvest another season."

Service recommendations come with a timeline that allows users to plan ahead. Main notes that it's "a good feeling" to know that someone else looks at a piece of machinery and that "there are no glaring issues as you get ready to start the new year with it." He appreciates the ability to plan ahead for a needed part replacement; he also likes the choices he has to do the work himself or to allow the Martin team to complete the necessary repairs. He likes the company for other reasons as well, including benefits like the bulk oil program that he says has really streamlined his operation.

If you, like Tim Main, have a need for equipment that is ready to go when you need it, we hope you'll come visit with us at Martin. Our company is committed to working with area farmers to implement programs that benefit us all. We know that our success depends on your success.

Tim Foster

"I like the technology, not just because it's fun to play with, but because it really does improve the bottom line," says Tim Foster. He joined the farming operation at Foster Farm in Trivoli, Ill., in 1976 after college. He explains that the data management control that Martin offers through modern technology programs has become an integral part of the farm's operation.

What started as a sort of "whistles and bells" exercise has become a great help for the decisions he must make to run the farm on a day to day basis. The data that he can easily access and view on the computer screen, he says, aids him in making fertilizer and seed purchase decisions. Variable seeding procedures available on the planters are a great help, he notes, adding that, as he gained more experience with yield mapping and overlaying the data, seeing "the hot spots in the field," and as he become more comfortable with the technology, he also became convinced that it works.

Martin, he notes, has a firm grasp on how the technology works, what it's supposed to do, and how to improve it if is doesn't do what it's advertised to do. We, too, are convinced that the technology can do exactly what it's supposed to do. We'll be happy to demonstrate its benefits. Are you interested in learning more about it and joining in the fun?

Robert Wieland

"In my opinion, Martin is second to none as far as putting the customer Number One." Robert Wieland, who is equally impressed by the quality and reliability of John Deere equipment, notes that the Wieland farm in Laura, Ill., has raised corn, soybeans and pumpkins since 1970.

"When you're farming the amount of ground that we farm," notes Wieland, it's critical that you be able to rely on your equipment, and also to know that service is available if it's needed. Taking care of the customer is Martin's "foremost thought," he believes.

With 13 locations available to sell and service John Deere equipment, Martin is dedicated to local farmers, and we try to demonstrate that commitment every day, in every way. We agree with Robert Wieland when he says, "That's why they're there. They don't tell you that; they do it."

We're happy to have loyal customers like Robert Wieland and just as our whole team has worked hard to earn his trust, we pledge to offer the same level of service to all our clients.

Justin Herman

At Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, Justin Herman says, "We use John Deere equipment on a daily basis. It's a constant for us. I know that I can get on in the morning, turn the key and go." He and his many employees rely on the machines, of course, but he also notes that having the customer support of the Martin dealer network is "huge" for his farm. "Knowing that there is somebody there that I can call to have come out to take care of an issue at the snap of a finger is an awesome benefit to what I do for a living and how we can make our day to day work.

Herman notes, and it bears repeating, that Martin is a local business. As he describes the company, "It is real people, doing real things, and they can help you with your real problems." He goes on to say that he was attracted to the company because of its ability to "see the big picture" of his vision for his farm. As he describes it, the company was willing to "jump on board . . . and go out on a limb with us." That's the kind of compliment that we appreciate, because that's exactly how the team at Martin views our business as well. Just as Herman says, there is "no instruction book" for success in farming. But, by working together, we believe that we can make great things happen!

The problem-solving benefits and the variety of products that are available through Martin are a huge asset to the business, says Herman.