On Friday, August 5th, we held our 2nd annual Intern End of Summer Blast at The Vault in downtown Galesburg! We had The Pizza Guys food truck cater lunch. (If you've never tried their pizzas, you're missing out!)

Jim Haynes, Martin Tractor's CEO, gave an insightful speech about looking back at the last 10 years, life right now and then the next 10 years. He brought up things that we didn't do 10+ years ago that we actually do now... one being we were told to not get in a car with a stranger but we now have Uber or Lyft! Thank you, Jim!

"Where you think you might be in 10 years could vary from what you think right now."

"If you derail a little bit, just know it's part of the process."

"If you're still friends in 10 years with the people you're friends with right now, they're lifelong friends."

"Put some things in place that creates clarity."

"Your dreams can change."

We have a wonderful group of interns and we are excited for their futures!

Pictured (not in order): Jared C, Wyatt D, Luke H, Konnor M, Jake M, Michael O, Tyler R, Brody R, Caleb R, Matt S, Jacob W, Jack W, Andrew D and Abby S.

Not pictured: Greg S.

We have Service Tech Interns, a Parts Professional Intern and a Marketing Intern in this bunch!

This year we played a game that had about 20 questions and most of these questions were before their time. Amy Nelson, Promoter/Talent Acquisition Specialist, asked questions like 'What does www. stand for?', 'Who's number is 867-5309?', 'What is a rolodex?' Surprisingly, these interns could answer most of the questions! We also brought in a few parts for them to take a guess on what they were. Whoever answered correctly got to stick their hand into a bag of random items to pick as their prize. We had anything from gum, to sticky notes, highlighters, candy and even vitamins. Whoever had the most items at the end won a gift card.

For their gift this year, we got backpacks with our logo embroidered on it. We also stuffed the backpacks with a few items - John Deere folder, pen, pencils, notepad, gift card, Martin Tractor bracelet, and a koozie (for water of course!).

Good luck to our interns as they head back to school or continue working this fall!