AgLogic Tender

John Deere AgLogic™ Tender app provides a logistics solution for your tender drivers. The tender app is designed to connect with both AgLogic website and AgLogic Advanced license for Applicators to provide a complete logistics solution that is customized but not limited to the spraying and application industry. It can be leveraged to meet other logistics needs in your operation. Tender drivers are able to quickly view their entire schedule for the day or easily get driving directions to their next delivery location. Updated location information is reported back to dispatch every minute to provide a current status of your entire fleet locations. The mobile app provides operators with all the tools to:
• View work orders in priority order to be delivered
• Get driving directions directly to the field location eliminating wasted time
• View field Boundary and field location
• Automatically reporting current location back to dispatch
• View current weather conditions
• User designated landmarks such as fertilizer plant or mix plant
• Available on smartphones or tablet

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